The Role of an Investment Banker

In this post I will be discussing the position of an investment banker. In general terms and investment banker is somebody who can work for an number of different types of entities and tries to grow their capital for them. They usually work in a division at a bank called an investment bank. Investment bankers analyze economic and financial statements on companies and other entities to try and give them a value for if a bank or other entity wants to invest. They identify potential risks and other opportunities to see what the right moves. Large investment banks are Goldman Sachs, Merrill-Lynch, and J.P. Morgan. The average salary of an investment banker is 100,000-150,000 per year. This is a high paying job, but you are expected to be able to work long and grueling hours. When companies come out with an IPO investment bankers have to value the company and then try and come out with a higher price point off of the IPO to try and sell the stocks at to make a profit. This is very risky though because if they over-value the stock they are looking to make a loss. This is a high risk high reward job and it takes a smart, driven individual to do well at it.


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Finance Is Where the Money’s at

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Finance has always been a passion of mine. I love learning about it, doing work in it and informing others about it. Both my Dad and my sister work in the financial world and I am currently majoring in it. Finance is one of the most versatile and informative majors a business school student can obtain. To be able to map out and analyze numbered information that looks foreign to most is great skill and will always be in demand. There are so many different career paths a single finance major can get you. Right now my dad is a consultant, and my sister is an analyst. They do completely different jobs but both had the same major. There are so many different jobs in the financial career field. You can be a stockbroker, insurance underwriter, financial adviser, budget analyst, and financial manager. Those are just some of the many jobs there are within the financial field of work. The setting of all of these jobs are very different. You could work at a huge corporation, or bank, or work as an analyst or adviser for a smaller company. An analyst analyzes financial information in the form of data, reports and numbers too recommend a course of action for the company at hand. They may also be synthesizing the reports and information themselves. As a stockbroker you will usually be working at a bank and spend your day trading and investing in stocks, securities, and bonds trying to pull a profit at the end. As a financial adviser you can manage people’s money and invest it for them while you take a percentage of what they make. Overall finance is a great field of work to be in and I will continue to blog in the future about more information on specific jobs, companies, difficulty of the work itself, and salary