Being a Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is someone who looks at all aspects of a company, a bank or an investment firm’s money and how they effectively use it and manage it. This has to do with all aspects of business that includes accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and and may concern resource use and decision making. Analysts can work on data for a real estate investment firm to track a properties, potential revenue, rent value, and even come up with debt plans for mortgages on multiple income properties. They track these numbers through financial statements and data and do research on their own. An analyst can also work at a bank an analyze companies financial statements to see if they’re worthy for the bank to invest in them. Companies will use their own analysts to track data and do research on the companies own concern for resource use and how they spend their money. Accountants track money while financial analyst figure out how to save it and make more of it. Analysts asses the performances of potential investments including, stocks, bonds, and shares of a company. It is from the research they do about these that they can then make a decision. The workplace of a financial analyst will be in an office usually doing the majority of your work on a computer using an information system that is key in helping you track your data to make important financial decisions. The median wage for a financial analyst is $80,130 as of 2015. It is expected that the need for financial analyst will grow 14% within the next ten years according to the Bureau of Labor statistics. A financial analyst is a good fit for someone who like researching numbers and financial data and figuring out ways to make money through investment opportunities. Being an analyst requires hard work but is also high paying.



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